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Healthier Lives Through Food

We will make a material difference to quality of life by enabling more consumers to have better choices through access to affordable, healthier products and actionable information.

Impact stories

Could the solution to a healthier, more accessible, and sustainable food system be right under our feet? Here we explore the world of microbes and their potential to offer food system solutions.
Given the huge increase in interest around nutritional approaches tailored to individual characteristics and behaviours, targeted nutrition is concerned with supporting the reduction in both prevalence and relative risk of malnutrition,…
Challenge aims to find new solutions to reduce obesity and malnutrition
Nutriboot offers you engaging challenges to help you reach your health goals in a fun way: eat healthier, exercise more, and feel better with the support of our coaches & the inspiration of other participants. After working from home…
Reversing the obesity epidemic by detecting risks in childhood
Increasing access to more nutritious plant foods
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