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EIT Food Annual reporting

Explore our annual highlights and our financial and non-financial performance metrics.

Our main focus points

Message from our CEO, Dr. Andy Zynga

Our Impact in numbers this year


Check out our impact metrics & statistics from across regions and teams

  • 50M+:direct financial support in grants and investments
  • 350+:organisations across the globe in our community
  • 168:partners
  • 70:RisingFoodStars supported
  • 361:startups supported
  • €407M:investment attracted by startups and scaleups supported by EIT Food
  • 150:graduates from EIT Food postgraduate programmes
  • 12,492:new followers on EIT Food social media platforms
  • 15:innovations launched on the market
  • 8.8M+:engagements aross EIT Food and FoodUnfolded digital channels
  • 20,326:consumers involved in TrustTracker® 2021
  • 193:designed and tested innovations
  • 98:projects
  • 2,817:media mentions
  • 555K:unique visitors to the website
  • 2,680:members of FoodHIVE
  • 27,218:people taking part in EIT Food co-creation activities
  • 37,222:learners benefitting from (non-degree) education and training
  • 35:partners actively involved in Business Creation programmes
  • 10:FutureFoodMakers produced a Menu for Change

Impact stories

Explore our stories from across channels including our blogs, podcast and website

Challenge aims to find new solutions to reduce obesity and malnutrition
Climate change is happening all around us and the food system is both a cause and casualty. There are many ways the food system can drive positive change and reduce its environmental impact. Here we highlight five.
Podcast #102

On the breadline - tips for saving money on food

Matt is joined by TikTok Chef MealsbyMitch, and Stacey Williams, Head of Customer Relation and Business Development at Gander, who are…
Could the solution to a healthier, more accessible, and sustainable food system be right under our feet? Here we explore the world of microbes and their potential to offer food system solutions.
The EIT Food Future of Food Conference 2022 explored how agrifood innovation can enable and accelerate the decarbonisation of the EU’s food system. As we draw closer to COP27, this blog highlights some of the key takeaways from the event.
Tel-Aviv based agricultural intelligence startup Agritask has secured a US$26M series B funding round, with EIT Food as an investor.
IntelliDigest is addressing food system sustainability by combining innovative research with advanced engineering to reduce food waste from farm-to-fork. Learn more about their revolutionary idea and how the EIT Food Accelerator Network…
The EIT Food Trust Report 2021 reveals how much trust European consumers have in the food system. Here we highlight the key findings from the report, and spotlight examples of ‘Transparency Trailblazers’ who are innovating to create total…
Lithuanian agrifood tech innovation house ART21 has committed a package of high-tech services worth over €1 million which will help rebuild and modernise Ukraine’s agrifood supply chains after the war.
Podcast #85

Making better choices: how to achieve the ideal diet

The modern western diet is making us and our planet sick. Matt and Lukxmi are joined by Dr. Gunhild Stordalen, founder and executive chair of the EAT Forum, and Anjli Vyas, founder of Bare Kitchen, food strategist and chef at Planet Nourish, to discuss where it all went wrong and what an ideal diet looks like for all of us.

Podcast #99

Sky's the limit for urban farming

Jens Juul Krogshede, CEO and Co-Founder of Nabofarms, discusses using city centre spaces for growing fresh and sustainable crops to feed…
Training, mentoring, business coaching and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector. Applications for 2024 edition are closed.

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