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We are leading the world’s largest food innovation community.

EIT Food is creating connections right across the food system that stimulate new ideas and invention to drive change: between startups and corporates; between entrepreneurs and investors; between consumers and industry; between research and action; between ideas and reality; between present and future.​

Collaboration is central to all of our work, which spans the whole food value chain, and is vital to meet the big challenges we face.

Impact stories

Preservation Culture was formed in 2019 with an important purpose – to support women who are often excluded from the workforce while tackling the food waste crisis. We share their story to inspire women to pursue their agrifood business…
Our online courses are open to all, aimed at anybody interested in learning more about the food system and most can be accessed for free.
Entrepreneurs and startups are developing valuable innovations that are shaping the future of tomorrow’s food system, so it is healthier, more sustainable and trusted
Develop in-depth knowledge about food systems through studying consecutively at three distinct European academic institutions and use your knowledge to drive the future transformation of the food system.
Agricultural production and food supply are facing unprecedented pressures. A growing population, rapid urbanisation and changing consumption patterns will continue to increase pressure on food systems going forward. How can that be…